Renault Clio Radio Code

After having the battery replaced in my Renault Clio I was left without a working radio, I thought that I had the code at home but couldn’t find it anywhere.

I did a bit of research online to see if anyone else had this problem, seems that quite a lot do!

I’ll cut to the chase – in one post I read that the code is sometimes written on the side of the radio itself, and sure enough when I pulled my radio out there it was, hurrah!  I put the code in and I had my radio back.

Getting the radio out was pure guess work, but easy once you know how – on my factory-fitted standard CD Radio there are four holes on the face place, pushing thin screw drivers into these releases the metal clips that hold the radio in place, using a flat edge (a flat bladed screwdriver is ideal) it should then be possible to gently lever the radio out one side at a time until there’s enough to get hold of with fingers, then it just slides out.  The radio just pushes back in and the clips will engage when it reaches it’s natural resting position.

During my search online I did come across an interesting zip file containing numerous radio code cracking programs, they mostly seem to work on the serial numbers or code numbers stamped on the side of the radio, though I couldn’t actually find which one was supposed to work for Clio radios as I didn’t know who made it (there wasn’t a code program specifically for Renault).  I’m sure with a little bit of research this zip file should be easy enough to find, in case anyone out there wants it.

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