Canon AV-1 and Vivitar 70-150 Macro Zoom

I finally decided to do something about this broken zoom lens I got from a car boot sale… here’s some back story:

I bought a musty old camera bag from a bloke at a car boot sale for £2, it contained a very tidy looking Canon AV-1 SLR, 70-150 macro zoom with 2x matched multiplier, flash, and an ancient roll of film (should be a laugh!) I had to throw away the bag and camera Ever Ready case as they were mouldy as hell; after buying a battery I discovered that the camera appeared to be in perfect working order, unfortunately it doesCanon AV-1 SLR have a tiny bit of fungus growing in the 50mm lens, the zoom lens also has some fungus in it but it’s not really worth the effort to remove. I found that the light seals in the camera were completely gone, turned to mush over time, so I bought a light seal kit from a bloke on eBay and now the camera is practically like new.  At the moment I’m running a film through the camera to see that it’s all working properly.

Vivitar 70 - 150 Macro Zoom

The zoom lens had been dismantled at some stage in the past (perhaps someone intended to clean the fungus but didn’t get as far as the front lens element, which I happen to know is accessible from the front end and not the back, duh!) and for some reason the lens comes apart so far in the middle section, not good. My fix is simple – get the strongest tape I can lay my hands on and tightly wrap it around the mid section! Surprisingly enough it appears to work, and does a good job of holding the two sections together which is no mean feat as the front section is heavy with the lens elements.

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