Hair-pulling knee guards problem solved!

I have a pair of Troy Lee knee protectors which I’ve found fit and work really well for me, however the silicon grips inside the knee pad tend to pull at my leg hairs and occasionally I end up with quite sore knee caps because some of the hairs have been pulled at a bit too much (possibly even pulled out), it’s annoying when riding and can be quite painful in a hair-pulling way.

Today I tried a new idea (it may exist already, but I came up with the idea myself) to avoid the hair-pulling, I put on a pair of tubular support bandages to cover my knees, the result was a success!  No pulled hairs after a 28 mile mountain bike ride.  The pair actually came from a single support bangage, the instructions say to cut to twice the length required which was (funnily enough) exactly right for two knees.  It did feel a little tight but wasn’t constricting, I still felt as though I had full movement in my legs and while riding I didn’t really notice them; they did slip down a little (no doubt pulled by the knee pads) so I pulled them up again and off I went.

I might try a single layer to see if that still does the trick, I don’t actually need the support that a double layer would provide.  Just need to make sure my leg hairs don’t poke through the fabric and start to get pulled again.

There were a couple of sizes available on the chemist’s shelf (Boots in the UK), I opted for size E which is rated for large ankle, medium knee, or small thigh.  They are hand-washable so I should be able to get a few uses out of each pair.

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