eBid and The Great Online Selling… Thing

Recently I’ve been trying to sell off a few hobby items on eBay, with limited success I might add, but just when I was getting into the swing of things eBay slapped me in the face with their latest big change for sellers – they have basically banished PayPal and all other direct methods of receiving money from buyers, instead eBay will accept the payments (which can still be made via PayPal and other methods) on behalf of the sellers and then (apparently at their leisure, within 2-4 days they claim) push the funds out directly to the seller’s bank account.

I have a bit of a beef with this, not just because of the inevitable delay in getting paid (and eBay will make a fortune just holding the money for a couple of days for no reason), but the way they word it leads me to firmly believe that they will be increasing seller’s fees making it even less attractive for small-time sellers like me to bother with for low value one-off items, and there is also the matter of faud and awkward customers, if I link this eBay account to a separate bank account (i.e. not my main bank account) which doesn’t contain much in the way of funds, someone does a chargeback or otherwise demands a refund, where is that going to come from?  Will this new system be open to fraud and exploits?  I think the answer is definitely yes, because they’ll always find a way.  There’s also the removal of that layer that PayPal provided, the buffer between eBay and my bank account; I already have a PayPal account, they know my bank account details (they have to in order for me to make payments when my PayPal balance is zero, I never withdraw funds from PayPal, I just spend them), eBay are not providing that easy facility so it’s just not something I’m interested in using.  Given no alternative, I have to stop selling on eBay (and thus their plan to get shot of small-time sellers works).

So what does this have to do with eBid?  Well it means that I’ll be returning to the eBid platform after some time away.  I have a Lifetime Seller+ account there (which I bought several years ago) so in theory I’m all set to pick that back up and get selling, although the traffic to eBid is very light compared to eBay there is still a good community of buyers (but admittedly mostly sellers), the listings appear on Google Shopping and Bing, possibly others via organic searches.

One of the things about eBid is that there’s a definite emphasis on self-promotion, getting the message out there that I have stuff for sale.  I have revamped my eBid presence with a fresh new style and three new stores, I’ve been busy over the past week and have quite a few items listed now so here they are:




Sign-up is free of course, here’s my eBid affiliate link – if anyone uses this to sign up I get a tiny bonus in the form of eBid club card points: https://www.ebid.net/uk/buddy/420706

See you there!

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