WTB Ranger Tyres Ride Well!

After a few rides on these 2.8 plus tyres I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the rolling speed and grip that they give both over tarmac and over hardpack.  There isn’t that much by way of thick or sloppy mud around here (that I care to ride through), certainly the official forest trails are almost entirely hard when it comes to the surface (most of it is hard pack) and these tyres run superbly on it.  I think the only way these could be better would be if they were the softer, tackier compound but that would wear down probably a lot quicker, and generally only be an advantage over wet rocks… I’ll take the occasional sideways slip for that trade-off of longevity.

I haven’t ridden them in deepest darkest winter conditions yet, though being January now there’s bound to be plenty of opportunities, once the black ice clears.  I haven’t been out for the past couple of weeks due to the frozen conditions outside, an arctic blast currently keeping the temperatures at freezing or below (but no snow for Christmas).

I might just leave tubeless riding until the spring, it’s a lot easier to work with going tubeless when the weather is a bit warmer.

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