Autumn Road Riding – Damp / Changeable Conditions

Today is one of those uncertain days where the forecast (mainly the cloud / rain radar) shows a few definite blobs moving across, chances of getting caught in a shower are high but temperatures are supposed to stay above 6 degrees Celsius.  I gambled on the following:

  • Windproof outer (also light shower proof)
  • Merino wool thermal base layer (long sleeves)
  • Regular tights
  • Thin wool socks
  • Overshoes (waterproof)
  • Thick winter gloves
  • Merino wool skull cap (also covers ears)

This turned out to be the best choice, as although I did get caught in a shower which lasted about 15 minutes it was only light so didn’t penetrate the windproof top and quickly dried off while I was moving, my body and limbs remained warm and I didn’t end up damp with sweat.  The temperature actually dropped to about 4 degrees when I was higher up in the forest and the sun was in, so despite my thick gloves and overshoes my hands and feet still got rather cold.

Moral of the story is to keep moving and try not to spend too long free-wheeling when the temperature dips below 6-8 degrees Celsius.

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