Nearly there…

This winter feels like it’s been the coldest and longest for a number of years, yes there have been a couple of freaky weeks when we’ve had cold spells with lots of snow in previous years, but this winter has seen months of freezing cold winds, ice, heavy snow, then back to ice, more snow, heavy rain, flooding, fog, the works.  One could say that’s what winter used to be like, and it may be true, but we are living in a time of freaky weather; next winter could be very mild (which is better for cycling, so long as it isn’t raining all of the time).  On the plus side, I did get a chance to try out my mountain bike in a variety of snowy conditions on the roads and in the forest, the general result was ‘not really ridable and damn cold!’, there was also the sense that not many other people were out so if I did have a fall on my own then I could be stuck for a long time, not a very sensible thing to do unless you can go with a group.

The current forecast is for much warmer weather on its way, I really hope this will be the last of the cold weather as the mild spell we had a few weeks ago was followed by yet another freezing cold blast which resulted in ice and frost again, not good for the wildlife that may have just decided to come out of hibernation.

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