Bye Bye Photobucket

Question: Why would a photo hosting site disable embedding?

This is the only reason I think most people would use any photo hosting site, particularly one such as Photobucket. ¬†Forums often don’t have the space to host photos uploaded by their users so they rely on embedding, for such a large site such as Photobucket to suddenly turn this feature off is utterly ludicrous. ¬†By doing so they have effectively pushed away most of their users, I for one probably won’t be able to find all of the forum posts I’ve ever made and update the picture links to a different host, nor do I have the server space to host all of my own photos online (which would surely be the safest thing to do).

For now it’s going to be a slow background project for me to update as many image links as I can, as I have to get the photo, upload it to another host (currently I’m gambling on google not shafting us sometime down the line), get the link, then find the post and update it; each one can take several minutes, it’s going to take a while to do them all (and that’s just on my own hosted blogs).

I suppose it gives me something to do, it’s just annoying that I have to do it at all.

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