Troy Lee Wrist Supports WS5205

I’ve been suffering from aching wrists for quite a while now, on and off for a few years at least since I started working with computers every day, after changing jobs last year I found myself sitting at a computer all of the day rather than just most of the day so the aching got worse, eventually I went to my GP and had it officially diagnosed as RSI.

Work and other things aside, this forced me to shift my cycling activities to road only for a few weeks until I was able to see a physiotherapist to get some proper advice, riding the road bike is different to riding a mountain bike, there are fewer bumps for a start, less strain on the wrists from vibrations, and the riding position is different – of most relevance to me was the position of my hands relative to my arms, as I had recently purchased new wider handlebars for my mountain bike this only accentuated a poor riding position that I had got into the habit of doing, namely holding the bars with my hands tilted inwards towards the frame, this puts pressure on the tendon which will eventually begin to hurt like crazy and take a long long time to fully recover.

I had to correct this as I really enjoy riding my mountain bike through the countryside and in the local forests, so as well as following the advice from the physiotherapist (which boiled down to ‘don’t twist your wrists, keep them in-line with your forearms’), I had a proper bike fit to make sure that my riding position was the best that it could be on the mountain bike (part of which included cutting 1.5cm off each end of the handlebars to bring my hands in a bit), at the same time I swapped the round hand grips for ergo grips with palm support for a bit of extra comfort, and also shopped for some MTB-specific wrist supports.  After reading many reviews and comments I eventually went for the Troy Lee WS5205 wrist supports, I already have the 5550 elbow and forearm guards which, despite slipping down sometimes, fit me really well and feel like they would stop anything without making me look like a Storm Trooper (and their armour didn’t seem to stop anything).

Ergon GP1-S

Ergon GP1-S

First ride with the wrist supports turned out better than expected, they felt a little restrictive to start with but they bed in after a while and I’m sure they will loosen up around the thumb a bit in time.  There are two channels down the top side which contain two plastic lollipop sticks each, these can be removed one or two at a time to change the stiffness although I just left all four in.

During my ride I made a conscious effort to keep my hands and wrists straight but it was difficult as it meant that I needed to keep my elbow slightly bent and my stance on the bike in a slight ‘attack’ pose, it felt like I should relax and sit back at times but this would have caused my arms to straighten, and result in my hands no longer being inline with them.  Taking regular five minute breathers from the action was important, too, as it gave my wrists a chance to recover a bit.

After my ride my wrist didn’t feel too bad, more or less as it had felt before the ride, so by that measure I’d say everything I did was a success.  I managed to ride 23 miles over forest tracks and some moderately easy mountain bike trails, not bad at all really.

I was a bit worried that the wrist supports might clash with the elbow and forearm guards but they fitted nicely, perhaps the wrist guards even prevented the elbow guards from slipping down.  The Endura Burner II sleeve also fits nicely over the top of the wrist support, this is a ‘relaxed fit’ MTB jersey which also fits over the top of the elbow guards.

Troy Lee Wrist Supports

Troy Lee Wrist Supports

Troy Lee WS5205

Troy Lee Wrist Supports

Troy Lee Wrist Supports

WS5205 fit nicely over fingerless cycling gloves but may need to be worn underneath thick winter gloves.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    After riding with the wrist supports through the winter I have learned that they do work over thick or thin gloves, the velcro straps are long enough to work at a wider fitting and so long as they are fitted properly (they should not be tight as this will constrict the blood flow) then it doesn’t affect mobility or grip at all.

    One small caveat is that the velcro hooks are quite aggressive, I noticed that they were starting to pick at the outer material of my gloves so I placed small pieces of cotton cloth between the velcro and the gloves to protect them, worked a treat and the velcro actually gripped the small pieces so they didn’t fall out (even on rough and tumble mountain bike trails).

    With the wrist guards and thick gloves on it did make handling anything small or fiddly a little bit tricky, such as trying to use my GPS (touch screen) or blowing my nose with a tissue, removing the wrist guard and glove only takes a few seconds but when it’s minus temperatures naturally I’d rather not have to!

    It’s now spring and I have stopped wearing the wrist guards as my wrists are now feeling much stronger, they will go in my cycling gear basket in case I need them again.

    I will be keeping the hand grips on, they may not be for everyone but for longer rides they are very comfy.

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