Catchphrase saved my life

Catchphrase, and a few other long-running gameshows that have stood the test of time, is one of those programmes that one can watch at just about any time and enjoy, which is very good for someone suffering with low mood or maybe just needs something to fill half an hour; it’s good light entertainment that anyone can get into and enjoy, even if they’re no good at getting the catch phrases.

Recently while learning how to cope with depression, I have been making good use of the on-demand services that are available these days, as well as YouTube clips; be it ‘Scenes We’d Like To See’ from Mock The Week or the entire back catalogue of Who’s Line Is It Anyway (surely the spiritual predecessor of Mock The Week), there are hours and hours of funny, light-hearted entertainment programmes available to watch at any time, great for filling those evening or late night times when sleeping is difficult and you just need a distraction from things that keep going through the mind.

That said, in this world of on-demand television programming where almost everything can be had straight away (sometimes for a price), it’s good to make a point of sitting down and watching something when it’s actually being aired, something to look forward to during the week and maybe gather the family or friends together, something to discuss the next day at the office (or school, if you’re younger). ┬áSometimes modern life seems so hectic and rushed, it’s good to make a regular appointment with yourself to do a certain thing or watch a certain programme, even if it’s just ‘sometime this week’, or even one episode a day.

When it comes to doing things, a list can really help; things to sell on eBay, crossing them off as they go, or working my way through my DVD collection, keeping track allows me to see progress, get a feeling that I’ve achieved something, making a daunting task smaller by breaking it down into manageable chunks.


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