Chocolate review – Montezuma’s Sea Dog

First of all as this is my first review of the chocolate I eat let me say that I am a dark chocolate kinda guy, much prefer it over the usual milk chocolate we see a lot of on the supermarket shelves, I suppose it’s the more intense cocoa flavour as opposed to the very sweet taste of milk chocolate that I prefer, plus the idea that it’s better for me (less sugar and fat) and the more interesting flavour variations.

I first noticed Montezuma in a local scoop shop a few years ago, since then it’s been on my list of brands I know I will enjoy, along with Green & Blacks, Toblerone and Chocolate Orange.

Sea Dog – Dark Chocolate With Lime and Sea Salt

This is one of those combinations that one might initially have thought ‘No way!’ which is shortly followed by ‘Although… It could actually work…’ as the idea of those flavours mixing together go through the mind.

I’m not one to eat an entire bar of chocolate in one sitting, I tend to have a few chunks across a day, a single 100g bar might last me a week.

Having now finished this bar I can say it was better than it sounds, the taste combination could be considered entertaining as the subtle salty taste is followed shortly by a definite hint of lime, and don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all done with artificial flavours – the ingredients are 99% dark chocolate and then sea salt and lime oil, although it’s always a disappointment to read Soya Lecithin in there as an emulsifier (really not necessary, I’ve tasted plenty of great chocolate without it).

This bar is stated as vegan and free from gluten, colourings, preservatives & GM. More information available at the Montezuma website:

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