Facebook is a tricky customer

Facebook, the current favoured social interaction platform by most people.  I have a tendency to post silly things for my own amusement and in the hope that others will share my sense of humour, this doesn’t always work out well and has on more than one occasion caused major upset for the people involved; to cut a long story short, I need to be smarter about how I use Facebook, if I can’t be trusted to make sensible comments then I shouldn’t make them (as the old saying goes – if you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all), to remove temptation I have unfollowed several people, I will no longer see their posts in my Facebook news feed, however they are still on my friends list.  I don’t have a lot of people on my friends list to start off with, I don’t feel the need to friend someone just because they appear in the suggested list of ‘people I may know’.

The primary use for Facebook for me now is to find and interact with local interest groups, the idea being to try to find people to join in with in the real world, or also just to share photos and hints and tips for projects and hobbies.

One skill I need to learn is how to find like-minded people, potential real-world friends who share an interest or way of thinking with me; if I can make a few good friends in the process to share my interests with then it will help enormously to enrich my life and make those long working weeks worth while.  There is only so much one can learn and achieve alone with nobody to push us or inspire us, I need to be encouraged to go that bit further, to be that bit braver on the mountain bike trail, to create memories worth talking about.  I have been like this in the past, and I’m sure I can be again.

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