Winter is here

It’s been a few weeks since I rode my mountain bike – we’ve had a few very rainy weeks so I decided to give my road bike some fresh air until the weather calmed down a bit, and this week it has so this seemed like a good time to get back out on the mountain bike.  This has also had a problem with the brakes which I wanted to sort out but as it’s been so bitterly cold recently I didn’t feel like standing around outside (when it wasn’t raining, that is) fiddling with the brakes, but now some milder air has arrived I’ve managed to sort out the brakes and the ground is looking slightly less flooded, hurrah!

With winter comes added responsibility for my own safety while riding on the public roads, which I do in order to get to and from the local mountain bike trails.  Some may scoff, but being seen on the roads is very important – I’d rather suffer a few giggles from ignoramuses than be hit by a car because they simply didn’t see me, perhaps they were distracted by a windscreen full of dirty road spray, who knows?  But if I am lit up and very visible they might just see me in time to take avoiding action.

With that in mind, it’s lights on and reflectors at the ready – namely pedal reflectors.  These are official Shimano pedal reflectors for the Shimano Saint pedals, a very shrewd by for anyone who rides these pedals on the road in poor light or weather conditions, which one should anticipate during the winter months.

Shimano Saint pedals with Shimano orange pedal reflectors

Shimano Saint pedals with Shimano orange pedal reflectors

I had these reflectors on these pedals last winter, they survived the trails despite a few pedal strikes on trailside objects (the reflectors are away from the pedal corners which is where most of the danger is).

I will be attaching front and rear LED lights that have built-in reflectors, even if the LEDs don’t shine then the reflectors should in car headlights.

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