RAM Mounts are GO!

I’ve had my Garmin Dakota 20 and a RAM Mount for a few years now, I originally had it mounted on my Claud Butler hybrid bike which became my first ‘exploration’ bike for getting back into cycling almost ten years ago now, however I had definitely out-grown that bike so I let it go to a friend, and although I kept the RAM Mount it didn’t fit my new cyclocross bike so it sat unused in a drawer, I carried the Garmin in my jersey pocket mostly just for recording the GPS trace.

Recently I decided that I missed having the Garmin road route facility, and with a renewed desire to explore new roads I thought this would be the time to look again at the RAM Mount to see about fitting it to the cyclocross bike somehow.  The problem is that the bars are already jam-packed with bar tape, cables, a cycling computer, and a bell, leaving no room at all for the RAM Mount; the only place left was the stem and that was far too thick for the old mount diameter.  After a false start with a seller who repeatedly sent me the wrong thing, I eventually tried a different seller who sent me the correct thing and I was able to fit my old RAM Mount to the new stem, hurrah!

RAM Mount attached to handlebar stem

Dakota 20 in the RAM Mount

The photo above isn’t quite what I see when riding the bike, my body and head are further forward so the cycling computer is easily visible.

I have contemplated treating myself to a dedicated cycling GPS but while the Dakota 20 does such a good job and is also useful for just about any other outdoor activity (including car sat-nav duty) I could not justify the cost of something that would provide everything I already have, and I doubt I would really benefit from the extra cycling bits such a dedicated GPS could provide.  Maybe one day when I have money to burn.  Two things I am considering adding to this setup are a heart rate monitor and cadence sensor, the Dakota 20 can record this info, I already have the Tempe sensor for recording the temperature as I ride / hike; these would mainly be for my own amusement, I’m not thinking about entering any competitions or massive fitness push, it’s just interesting to see how I would compare to others and how these things change over time.

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