661 Rage Knee-shin Guard

With the new Saint MX80 pedals having pins I decided some shin protection would be in order to protect against pedal strikes, which I have experienced a few times with the old stock pedals on but not yet with the Saints, probably thanks to their grip on my shoes; I have also witnessed someone falling off their bike into a hole, it wasn’t the ground that hurt them but rather their bike frame that hit their shins, ouch.  I decided to go with the 661 Rage Knee-Shin Guard 2015, despite mixed reviews they looked good and were at a price point I was comfortable with (again, not really knowing whether I would be able to ride effectively while wearing them).

They turned out to be an excellent fit and did not slip down as some had reported, although if I wear full length tights they just slip right down because there is just no grip to be had from the material compared to skin.  On that subject, they don’t pull on my skin or hair and once fitted correctly they feel very comfortable, the strap may feel a little tight around the back of the knee initially but after a few rides the material loosens up a bit and I hardly notice I am wearing them.  The only time they do tend to slip downwards is if I am walking around off the bike, having my knees bent while in the riding position means that they hardly slip at all; on a 30 mile ride I might need to pull them up slightly a couple of times, depending on how much really rough vibrate-y stuff I am riding over (and having to stand rather than sit on the bike).

In the winter they help keep my shins and knees warm, combined with Endura MT500 3/4 length shorts and normal cycling shorts underneath there is no need to wear long cycling tights, the only exposed skin is a couple of small areas at the back of the legs which don’t feel the cold at all while riding.  A hot summer’s day also is not a problem, they appear to wick away sweat and heat pretty well, I only noticed my shins were a little sweaty once when I came to take them off after my ride; the MT500 shorts have zipped vents which work brilliantly to cool the legs too, and can be zipped up in the winter for warmth.


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  1. Jonathan says:

    I was torn between the Troy Lee Designs 5450 Knee-Shin Guards and the 661 Rage, went for the 661 in the end based on price more than anything. I may still try the Troy Lee ones if the price is right, I would also like to try the Troy Lee 5550 Elbow-Forearm Guard, as I brave the trails more I’d like to feel protected as one knock in the wrong place could be rather bad.

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