Five Ten Freerider MTB Shoes

After upgrading my stock pedals to Shimano Saint MX80 Flats I discovered that my hiking shoes were no longer up to the job, their tread pattern was too open so didn’t grip the pedal pins, my feet would move around on the pedal too much.  After looking into what others use with flat pedals I decided to try the much-recommended Five Tens, as luck would have it they were on sale so I picked up a pair of Freeriders.

What a difference the Five Tens made, they gripped the pedals like glue compared to my hiking shoes, this combination were a world away from my old stock pedals.

If there is one niggle it would be that they feel a little tight across the top of the shoe, as a consequence the sole of my foot feels compressed against the sole of the shoe and in cold weather feels numb after a while; I will need to try the next size up at some point, I am normally somewhere around 8.5 – 9 in UK shoe size, 9 is 43 in Euro size.  The problem is made worse in the winter of course as I need to wear thicker socks to keep my feet warm, the Five Tens are not waterproof so waterproof socks are a consideration along with a woollen sock inside that.

In conclusion the Five Tens were a very good investment for me, on the Saint MX80 pedals they provide just the right level of grip which I should be able to improve by extending the pedal pins (if I’m feeling brave!)

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