DIY Baader solar film binocular filters

While the solar observing specs are on back-order I decided to have a go at making some binocular solar film filters, so ordered an A4 sheet of the Baader solar film and downloaded the Baader instructions.  While the translation may have lost out on one or two small things it was very easy to follow the guide to build my own objective filters using the film and some white card.

The view through them is better than I had imagined, there is some granularity visible (like a gradient around the edges of the sun giving it a spherical appearance) and right now I could see three large areas of sunspot activity.  The colour is white as advertised, with shades of grey and black.  I could just make out the branches of a tree that were close to the sun, probably just their shadow I could see as they blocked some of the sun’s energy.

As per the instructions, I held both filters up to the bright daylight to check for any pin prick holes before using them with the binoculars.  They are a snug fit for sure, no chance of them coming off once they are firmly pushed on.

These fit my 8×42 Bushnells, I’m sure a larger pair of binoculars would show an even better view.  I may attempt to make one for my 102 refractor with the remaining portion of the A4 sheet.

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