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Recently I gave eBay the push and started using instead

As I’m sure anyone who uses eBay are aware, the glut of recent changes has made selling a nightmare and simply not worth the effort and risk for most people, certainly the casual sellers, even some well established power sellers have called it quits too.  They, like me, have decided to vote with their feet; many have actually found their way to eBid as I have; it’s a small auction site but one which has some very nice features, not least of which is free listings, and if one signs up for Seller+ Lifetime for a one-off fee of £49.99 then auctions can be totally free for life!  With a gallery image it’s just a 2% final value fee to pay once the item sells.

Just came across this article, quite interesting!

My eBid auctions:

My eBid stores:
New Retro Gamer –
Retro Camera –

If you wish to sign-up for eBid then follow this link, it will earn me Buddy Points (like loyalty points) that I can spend on eBid’s own auctions and merchandise. Remember, sign-up is completely free.

I have been busy creating some graphics for use in eBid-related stuff, as there wasn’t a lot available and what was there wasn’t quite what I wanted, so here it is:

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