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It’s  been a while since I posted anything here, mainly because I’ve been too lazy and always forget.  In this post I’ll just do a little update on some of the things that have been happening that I might start posting more about here.

In the past year or so I’ve been getting out on my bike regularly each weekend, the mild winter has helped with this despite some very windy days.  I purchased a mountain bike and suddenly found myself being re-introduced to cycling, but it was not the old cycling I knew from when I used to go out regularly as a teenager, technology and trends have moved on a lot since then.  I now have new tools, new knowledge, and new bike maintenance equipment, as well as some proper cycling gear (yes, that means lycra and a padded bottom).  I refurbished my old Dawes Galaxy as best I could without a complete strip-down, still needs more work but it’s smoother than it was.  I have mainly been riding my Claud Butler hybrid bike, it is a very easy and comfortable bike to ride (which is why I bought it after having ridden a similar bike while on holiday in California), and fitted a few accessories to make the rides more fun and also to record my journeys.

The other main thing I’ve been doing is building radio controlled vehicles including buggies and rock crawler trucks.  To date I have built the classic Tamiya Lunch Box, Sand Scorcher, and am currently on the Fox (now re-released as NovaFox), as well as an Axial SCX10 rock crawler.  I can definitely see where my attraction to these comes from, as a boy I always loved those motorised toys – tanks, buggies, and hill climbing 4×4 (called Stompers, I seem to recall), when I think about that now it’s obvious why I’ve chosen the 1/10 scale radio controlled models that I have now.  I didn’t realise it at the time but I owned a miniature version of the Fox, the very 1/10 scale model that I am building right now, as I recognised it instantly while perusing the Tamiya range recently.

I have also been interested in photographing and recording wildlife around where I live, this is on a separate blog which is in my links.

That’s it for this update post, more detailed posts to come soon.

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