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Hair-pulling knee guards problem solved!

I have a pair of Troy Lee knee protectors which I’ve found fit and work really well for me, however the silicon grips inside the knee pad tend to pull at my leg hairs and occasionally I end up with … Continue reading

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eBid and The Great Online Selling… Thing

Recently I’ve been trying to sell off a few hobby items on eBay, with limited success I might add, but just when I was getting into the swing of things eBay slapped me in the face with their latest big … Continue reading

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Fake USB Flash Drives and How To Find Them

Recently I had need of some easy, fast and silent storage (to plug into my smart TV for video file playback) so I went for a couple of 128GB Kingston DataTraveler G4 USB Flash drives, I’ve used Kingston before and … Continue reading

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Stick this up yer Pi-Hole

For quite a while I’ve been intending to acquire a Raspberry Pi and try out the Pi-Hole home DNS project, which is intended to block requests that websites make to undesirable domains such as advertising, tracking, and malicious content or … Continue reading

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Frosty RC and new headlights

In recent weeks we’ve had a lot of rain, then some sleet, and now it’s all frozen.  The slush that fell yesterday has formed an inch-thick layer over the ground, the grass in the garden is frozen solid..  So what … Continue reading

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New Year, New Image Host

I’ve decided to switch to using postimage instead of Google Photos (formerly Picasa) for my image hosting needs.  I’ve noticed that some of my linked photos are showing as unavailable, it’s not because the original images are no longer there, … Continue reading

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WTB Ranger Tyres Ride Well!

After a few rides on these 2.8 plus tyres I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the rolling speed and grip that they give both over tarmac and over hardpack.  There isn’t that much by way of thick or sloppy mud around … Continue reading

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WTB Ranger Fast Rolling Plus Tyres

I’d had my eye on these tyres for some time after searching around online extensively for something other than the massive chunky affairs that seem to be popular on e-bikes (which typically use 2.8 tyres), the reason being that they … Continue reading

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Big Let-down

A couple of weeks ago when I rode my Plus mountain bike I noticed half way through my ride that the rear wheel rim seemed to be bouncing off bumps on the trail, I stopped and put some more air … Continue reading

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Autumn Road Riding – Damp / Changeable Conditions

Today is one of those uncertain days where the forecast (mainly the cloud / rain radar) shows a few definite blobs moving across, chances of getting caught in a shower are high but temperatures are supposed to stay above 6 … Continue reading

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